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In an effort to reduce the risk to the Citizens of New Mexico from uninsured motor vehicles operating on New Mexico highways, the 2001 House Bill 847 was enacted into the statute §66-5-205 NMSA 1978 to identify uninsured motorists and to assist in the enforcement of automobile liability insurance requirements of the state.

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The legislation directs the Department of Taxation and Revenue-Motor Vehicle Division to develop and operate an insurance identification database (IIDB). This database will be used by law enforcement officers, state agencies and courts to determine whether a particular vehicle has appropriate liability insurance coverage. The legislation requires the Motor Vehicle Division to issue an administrative suspension of the offender's vehicle registration if evidence of liability insurance is not provided by the owner's insurance company upon request. Effective October 9, 2002 registration of your vehicle(s) may be denied or delayed if the IIDB records do not show the vehicle(s) having insurance coverage.

The underlying rationale for the program is that if there are fewer uninsured motorists operating on the highways, the number of uninsured accidents will decline. The purpose of the New Mexico Insurance Identification Program is to provide an online tool to law enforcement officials and the Motor Vehicle Division to determine whether reasonable grounds exist to believe that a person is operating a vehicle without the minimum liability insurance required by New Mexico law.
All information provided to the New Mexico Insurance Identification Database (IIDB) is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

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