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After Registration, you must log in at least once every 15 months to prevent your user name from being deactivated. If you have been deactivated, please call 330-655-7234 with your user name so we may reactivate your account.

What happens when I enter insurance information?

Entering insurance information does not update the account to insured. It moves the suspension date up 30 days and the underwriting insurance company will be notified that the insurance needs to be verified. Until that verification is received, the account will not show as insured.

My customer has insurance why did they recieve a letter?

Either the underwriting insurance company did not report the insurance, or there was an error when it was reported, or it is not a New Mexico policy. If the policy is out of state proof of insurance must be mailed or faxed upon each policy renewal.

A Fleet customer recieved a letter, why?

If a policy is NS (Non VIN specific) we match up on the owners name. Please call us at 330-655-7234 so we can match.

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The State of New Mexico has chosen Validati®, a PASCO® Information Solutions company, to administer the New Mexico IIDB Program.

If you only need access to the Proof of Insurance section of the site please use "New Users: Sign up now" link.

Welcome to the New Mexico Vehicle Insurance Monitoring System. This site allows those that have been given the appropriate permission to update commercial policies and the ability to temporarily enter the policy information for a vehicle.

Who can use this application

You can obtain access by filling out and submitting the attached form. If you request access to enter commercial policy information, the insurance companies selected must give Validati® permission before allowing you to enter any policy information. It may take several days for the verification to be completed. If you have additional questions after reviewing the materials on this web site, you can contact Validati® by:
Phone: (330) 655-7234

Logging into the system

Upon submission of the authorization form, access will be given using the login id and password entered. Subsequently, you will be required to change your password every 45 days.

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